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California Cases

Secretary of State Websites

  All of the entities referenced on this page advertised in and/or "sent" me and/or my clients spam (i.e., "unsolicited commercial email"), meaning they did not have direct consent as defined by California Bus. & Prof. Code ง 17529.1(d).

In some cases, the entities listed below are the actual senders.  In some cases, the entities below are "spamvertisers" – they advertise in spam sent by contracted third party agents.  A few of them are spam networks, who sign up as affiliates of the advertisers and then further outsource the actual sending to their own third party agents.  And a few are contracted email senders, but if the emails originate from their servers and the clickthrough links point to their servers, then they're advertising in the spams too.

I use the term
“principal” on my website not to mean A is a CEO, President, Vice President, Secretary, Director, etc. of B.  Rather, as discussed on the “Spam and the Law” page, I use the term “principal” in the context of agent-principal liability, which says that the principal is liable for the [unlawful] actions of the agent.  In the world of spamming, “agent” could mean either that A “actively” hired B to spam on its behalf, or A operates an affiliate program and “passively” allowed B to sign up by click-click-clicking through a web-based form agreement.  It doesn’t really matter which; liability still flows “uphill” from agent to principal.


2013 - 2017

Asia Maritus Limited dba "Qpid Network" et al
This lawsuit is against Qpid and its marketing agents including Adreaction, Burke Oliver Concepts Inc. dba "Concise Media Group," Internet Retail Billing Inc., Luna Media Group, and Sauphtware Inc. dba "Panda Mail."  More than 1,100 spams for Asian/Russian/Latin "dating websites" but the From Names are misrepresented, the Subject Lines are false & misleading, and many spams have forged headers too.  Read the complaint here.

J.G. Wentworth, Mercury Media, and Matomy Media Group
13 spams advertising The J.G. Wentworth Company dba peachtreefinancial.com and myjgwentworth.com.  Diversified Mercury Communications LLC is the spam network, and Matomy USA Inc. -- which claims to be a network that prohibits its publishers from spamming -- or perhaps its mailers sent most of the spams at issue, forging the headers so it looks like the spams were sent from toysrus.com, mcdonalds.com, etc., and putting nonexistent entities and UPS Store boxes in the bodies of the spams as the senders.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

ClickSyndicate.com LLC et al
This lawsuit is against ClickSyndicate.com LLC and its advertisers (Edge BioActives and FairLight Scientific LLC) and its mailers (BestMailer and FlyLeaf News) for lovely spams such as "Discover how to make women stick on your skewer" and "Aren't all of your girlfriends squeaking with pleasure yet? They definitely will with some help from our side."  Misrepresented information in From Names and Subject Lines,   Read the first amended complaint here.

AffairFantasy.com et al
This lawsuit against AffairFantasy.com, FreeHookups.com, FreeSwingerAds.com, YouFind-LocalSingles.com, and OfferIt LLC alleges that hook-up-for-random-sex spams ("Want to F.ck a Horny Slut Tonight?") are unlawful.  Read the complaint here.

Fluent #1
This lawsuit is against related entities Fluent LLC, Reward Zone USA LLC, RewardsFLow LLC, and American Price Center LLC, dba promotionsusaweb.com, nationalconsumercenter.com, surveysandpromotionsnonline.com, and many others.  Didn't think many spammers are still doing the take-a-survey-get-a-gift-card spams, but these guys are.  Also named, some of the networks/senders, including Sauphtware Inc. dba Panda Mail, AdReaction, Anglo IdiTech, Fortanalysis8 Develop, Concept Network.  Many From Names include e.g. "Walmart" and "Amazon"; many sending domain names include e.g. toysrus.com, macys.com -- indisputably false.  Fluent even seems to think it is the government; many spams claim to be from/about "Unemployment check."  Fluent removed the case improperly, and we remanded to state court.  Read the first amended complaint here.

Flex Marketing Group LLC/Brick Run Media LLC/Michael Held, and RGO Media LLC
Yet another lawsuit naming some of the most prolific spammers out there.  Flex is easy enough to identify as a network, but Brick Run -- also run by the same guy -- takes pains to hide its identity as the actual sender by using bogus names and "virtual boxes" at Earth Class Mail all over the country when it registers its domain names.  Also added RGO Media LLC along the way.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Ad Trust Marketing LLC, Reach X LLC et al
After naming Ad Trust Marketing LLC and Reach X LLC (collectively, "Popular Marketing") as defendants in other lawsuits, this lawsuit is against them, their advertisers, and their affiliates/publishers.  That set includes our old friends Flex Marketing Group Inc., Michael Held, and related company Brick Run Media LLC.  Also Global Response Partners LLC, NWhiz Media LLC, and RGO Media.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Blue Global LLC et al
This is our second lawsuit against this group of payday lead generators: Blue Global LLC, Acquisition Media LLC, PanAmerican Capitol Advisors LLC, Sovereign Internet Marketing LLC.  Also named as defendants, Fetch Deals Inc., Inbox Media LLC, and plenty of DOEs. False/misrepresented information in From Names, misleading subject lines, and third party domain names without permission.   Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

False/misrepresented information in From Names (e.g. "Urgent Attention Needed" and nonexistent people") and false Subject Lines designed to scare the recipient (e.g. "Verify report #569885 - negative info released about you" and "Alert received about you - Negative items listed").  Also named as defendants: VerifyPeers.com, MagnifyCheck.com, BackgroundRep.com, Intelireports.com, and Ancelet.  Read the complaint here.  Subsequently amended to add Riip Digital LLC as a defendant.

Scalable Commerce LLC dba Kids Live Safe #2
False/misrepresented information in From Names (e.g. "Sex*Offende Alert" and "URGENT ALERT") and Subject Lines (e.g. "Neighborhood Child Predator Risk Alert").  We also named as defendants KLS's agents
0937316 B.C. Ltd.; Mindfulness Mountain Marketing LLC, and Vennq.com. Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Real Bright Media Inc. #2
The loan/lead-generator spammer CapitolCashLoan.com didn't learn its lesson, so we sued again.  Also named as defendants:
Joshua Bass (RBM's sole owner/officer) in his individual capacity, NWhiz Media LLC, BZI Processing LLC, Net Tangerine Inc., (who has defaulted), and various companies and an individual behind apatracker.com (namely Apex Ads Inc., 212 Media Marketing Inc., 212 Media Group Inc., 212 Media GRP Inc., Jason Rubin a/k/a Travis Cotiletta a/k/a Jason Brown a/k/a John Elway a/k/a Robert Ballard).  Read the original complaint here.  Read the operative second amended complaint here.

Scalable Commerce LLC dba Kids Live Safe #1
False/misrepresented information in From Names (e.g. "Local Authorities" and "POLICE ALERT") and Subject Lines (e.g. "4 Sexual Predators Spotted in Your Neighborhood") and third party domain names (e.g. nytimes.com) without permission.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Byron Udell & Associates Inc. dba Accuquote
This insurance provider advertises in spams with misrepresented/false From Names (nonexistent people) and Subject Lines (e.g. "You  Have Been Approved.  Application Processed." which is false because the recipients never even applied.  Read the complaint here.  Accuquote filed a cross-complaint against its advertising network DMI Partners Inc., and plaintiffs filed an amendment to the complaint to add DMI Partners Inc., RTK Media Inc., and Richard Nolan.  Read the complaint + amendment here.  Dismissed.

Real Bright Media Inc. #1
Another loan/lead-generator spammer dba CapitolCashLoan.com.  Settled with some defendants, removed some defendants, and added some defendants, including Joshua Bass (RBM's sole owner/officer) in his individual capacity, NWhiz Media LLC, BZI Processing LLC, Flex Marketing Group LLC, and various companies and an individual behind apatracker.com (namely Apex Ads Inc., 212 Media Marketing Inc., 212 Media Group Inc., 212 Media GRP Inc., Jason Rubin a/k/a Travis Cotiletta a/k/a Jason Brown a/k/a John Elway a/k/a Robert Ballard).  Read the original complaint here.  Read the operative second amended complaint here.

PanAmerican Capital Advisors LLC
This payday loan spammer operates the CashMojo.com website, and affiliated companies Acquisition Media LLC, Blue Global Inc., and Blue Global LLC, operate other payday loan websites.  The original complaint - read it here - was only for 27 spams, but an upcoming FAC will include multiple plaintiffs and several thousand spams.  Dismissed.

People Media Inc./SpeedDate LLC
This lawsuit involves allegedly unlawful spams advertising SeniorPeopleMeet.com, BlackPeopleMeet.com, OurTime.com, and SpeedDate.com. Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Autotegrity Inc.
This lawsuit involves allegedly unlawful spams advertising Auto-Price-Finder.com and other related websites.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Ascentive LLC
This lawsuit involves allegedly unlawful spams advertising Ascentive.com.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

ConsumerTrack Inc.
This lawsuit involves allegedly unlawful spams advertising GoFreeCredit.com, GoLookOnline.com, and ImportantScore.com.  Read the complaint here.  Dismissed.

Allen Henning and Deniro Marketing LLC
This lawsuit involves allegedly unlawful spams advertising AdsForSex.com, AmateurMatch.com, Cheaters.net, CheatingHouseWife.com, DatingAffair.com, FindCheaters.com, HookUpBBW.com, LocalCheaters.com, SpeedBoink.com, SpiceOrNice.com, Untrue.com, and XXXDating.com, perhaps operated by some combination of Allan Henning, Deniro Marketing LLC, LiveChannels LLC.  Read the fifth amended complaint here.  Dismissed.


Spire Vision LLC et al
There are lots of companies (and what appear to be unregistered fictitious business names) in the "Spire Vision" family, and we're not quite sure yet which ones are fully responsible, because they play games like registering domain names to one company, but the privacy policy on the website refers to a different company.  Spire Vision companies include (but aren't limited to): Spire Vision LLC, Digital Publishing Corporation, Juniper Marketing LLC, MediActivate LLC, On Demand Research LLC, Prime Advertisers LLC, Serve Clicks LLC, Spire Vision Holdings Inc., Ward Media Inc., and XL Marketing Corp.  Spire Vision sends spams from multiple domain names, perhaps to bypass spam filters, and the domain names are registered to "Achieve Opportunities," "AgreeWizard," "FurturesDrive" [sic], "JunctionLights," "Opportunity Central," "Paths Direct," "PullSmart," and "YourAdsHere," claiming addresses at boxes at branches of The UPS Store in states in which Spire Vision has no other physical presence, and Spire Vision doesn't register those entities as companies or FBNs in those states.

My client Christopher Wagner received numerous Spire Vision spams... sometimes Spire Vision is the advertiser, sometimes as the sender, sometimes as a "middleman," and sometimes as all three.

Spire Vision improperly removed to federal court, and we got it remanded back to Sonoma County where it belongs.

Other companies involved with Spire Vision's spamming include:

  • Accelerize New Media Inc. of Newport Beach, CA dba cktrk.net

  • Insite Marketing Group LLC of Reno or Carson City, NV dba automotivefinancial.com

  • Zulu Marketing LLC of Orem, UT dba online-home-careers.com

Trancos Inc. dba CoregMedia.com and USAProductsOnline.com

Trancos claims to be an advertising network... but they're also a direct spammer too.  Eight spams in 2007, from eight nonsensical different domain names, all of which were privately registered.  False statements in the body of the spam too, like that I signed up from a particular IP address in Indiana.  I was in Los Angeles on the supposed date of opt-in, and I have a declaration from the California Attorney General to prove it.  Seven of the eight From Names – "Paid Survey," "Your Business," etc. – were generic and did not identify the advertiser/sender.

The body of the spams only identify the sender as USAProductsOnline.com, which of course is privately registered too, and an address that turns out to be a branch of The UPS Store in Los Angeles.  I subpoenaed The UPS Store, and learned that the box was rented to a Lewis J. Wright Jr., claiming an address that, after further research, I identified as Trancos' Pacific Palisades location.  Oh yeah, Trancos also willfully failed to register USAProductsOnline.com as a fictitious business name, as required by Bus. & Prof. Code ง 17910.  How do I know it was knowingly?  Because "Trancos dba Adfish" sued one of its own advertisers, and the complaint says that Trancos has complied with all applicable laws re: fictitious business names, and it actually registered Adfish as an FBN a month before it started spamming me using the USAProductsOnline.com pseudonym.

I sued in 2008.  The case went to trial on October 13, 2009.  On March 10, 2010, the Court issued a Final Judgment and Statement of Decision in my favor as to the spam cause of action, but against me as to the CLRA.  (Note: This document is hosted on an external website.)  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a case has actually gone to trial under Bus. & Prof. Code ง 17529.5, other than small claims court.  Read the press release here

Defendants filed an appeal on the spam cause of action, and I filed a cross-appeal on the CLRA cause of action.

On February 24, 2012, the Court of Appeal issued a published Order affirming the trial court in all respects: I win on the anti-spam cause of action, and I don't have standing on the CLRA cause of action.  Trancos also owes me $82K in attorneys' fees on a $7K judgment, and it would have been a lot more than that except that I did a lot of the work on the case myself and couldn't bill for it.  Read the Court of Appeal's Ruling(Note: This document is hosted on an external website.)  It's worth noting that Trancos could have settled this matter confidentially four years ago for a couple thousand bucks.

Trancos petitioned Cal. App. for a rehearing, which was denied.  Trancos petitioned the California Supreme Court for review (claiming that their right to send unlawful spam is an important issue, and falsely claiming that there was a split between the appellate districts on the preemption question), and the Supremes denied it.

Trancos then petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for review, and SCOTUS denied it.  Trancos petitioned for a rehearing, and SCOTUS denied it again.  Therefore, this case
stands as "good" case law... generic from names are unlawful, domain names registered so as to not be readily traceable (including proxy-registration) are unlawful, the exception to preemption is based on falsity not fraud, and "direct consent" means exactly what it says it means... no "transferring" consent from one spammer to another.  


Moniker Privacy Services LLC and Oversee.net Inc.
Four plaintiffs, including me, sued Moniker because Moniker was the legal owner of porn/fake "adult dating" websites at the time we received the spams.  Read the complaint here.  Numerous sources, including ICANN, WIPO, several courts, several registrars, and Moniker itself state that a proxy registration service is the legal owner of proxy-registered domain names.  Moniker can cross-complain if it wants to against its licensee, but my clients and I maintain that that doesn't change the fact that Moniker is the legal owner/registrant of the domain names and liable.  The matter settled on terms acceptable to all parties.



TropicInks LLC, Datastream Group Inc., and Leigh-Ann Colquhoun
Scroll down to 2005, and you'll see a lawsuit against DSG Direct Inc., Your-Info Inc. et al.  The Court entered judgment in my favor in 2008.  I seized 1% of the judgment by levying on AmEx payments to DSG Direct.  Two months later, Leigh-Ann Colquhoun – the sole corporate officer of DSG Direct and Your-Info – caused the companies to dissolve.  Two weeks later, Colquhoun starts up TropicInks LLC... operating the same websites from the same physical address, and she is one of but two officers.  Datastream Group Inc. is the legal owner of the websites.  I filed a motion to amend the judgment based on alter ego, successor, and corporate officer theories of liability, but the court denied my motion with no explanation whatsoever, and without ruling on my objections.

So, I filed an appeal.  Read my Appellant's Opening Brief.

And read the concurrently-filed Request for Judicial Notice.  In Respondents' Opposition to my Motion to Amend Judgment, Colquhoun declares (in an untimely filed & served declaration that was also undated and not signed under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California) that "Datastream is not an e-commerce company like DSG Direct and TropicInks" but just an "Internet services company" (whatever that means).  What's interesting is, in 2008 the Michigan Attorney General sued Datastream – not DSG Direct or Your-Info  – and in the Consent Judgment, Datastream admitted that it sent/caused spams to be sent, and it had the ability to control the spams... which discredits and undermines their claim to my trial court.  Also, Datastream's Articles of Incorporation state that it was created for "Internet Marketing" – which is broader than just providing domain name management services.

Here's Respondents' Opening Brief.  Note the utter failure to address the Michigan case, the fact that the supposed key employee was never named as an officer, the irrelevant discussion of Florida law, glossing over successor liability (a separate theory from alter ego liability), and the several-page-long digression into the "stages of grief"
– a transparent sympathy ploy that has no legal merit.  Also, referencing Eric Reinertsen as an officer (not that he was ever named on corporate filings either) isn't exactly helpful – he's been identified by several sources as one of the top spammers in the world.  Also blatantly false claims that DSG Direct and Your-Info's last corporate filings were in 2005.  Nope, 2007.

Here's my Appellant's Reply Brief and Second Request for Judicial Notice... addressing the above-referenced (and more!) problems with Respondents' Opening Brief.

On June 14, 2010, the Court of Appeal partially reversed the Superior Court in my favor, adding TropicInks LLC to the judgment as successor, but holding that I didn't have enough evidence to establish liability as to Datastream Group as alter-ego or Colquhoun personally as alter-ego or corporate officer at that time.  Read the (unpublished) Order.

In post-judgment discovery, to which none of the current or potential defendants responded, the Court entered issue sanctions and made findings of fact that will support liability for various other companies and individuals.  After I filed a Motion to Amend the Judgment, that finally got their attention, and the matter settled before that Motion was heard.



Amanda Greiner
Ms. Greiner created a fake business name ("Madd Roi LLC") and used multiple domain names – all of which were registered to fake people, business, and addresses – to send her spam.  But I tracked her down and got her served.  Read the (slightly redacted) Verified Complaint.  Read the Ms. Greiner created a fake business name ("Madd Roi LLC") and used multiple domain names – all of which were registered to fake people, business, and addresses – to send her spam.  But I tracked her down and got her served.  Click here to read the judgment entered against her.

Sallie Mae Inc. and SLM Corporation
I had a dispute with Sallie Mae – read the First Amended Complaint – but the matter has been settled and dismissed.

Startup Consultants LLC et al
Darren Cleveland is the registered agent and principal officer of Startup Consultants LLC (also dba TheAdDoctors.com) and RDC Consulting Inc.  Gregoire Gasparini was his partner.  My complaint alleged that they sent me spams from multiple domain names that they had registered in the name of a nonexistent entity, "IRL Technet Ltd.," at an address that turned out to be an Irish Pub.  (My letter to that address was returned undeliverable.)  The letter I sent to the P.O. Box that appears in the body of the spams was returned unclaimed.  Cleveland et al did a fairly good job of hiding themselves, but I sent the sourcecode/clickthrus to several of the advertisers featured in the spams, and the advertisers identified Cleveland/Startup Consultants as the source.  Click Read the Complaint.

I settled with and dismissed Cleveland, Gasparini, Startup Consultants LLC, and RDC Consulting Inc... no admission of liability by any of them.  Cleveland claims that "IRL Technet Ltd.," owned by "Ivan Lightbourne," is a separate entity supposedly located in the Bahamas.  I have no information at this time to confirm or deny that, but it doesn't change the fact that three advertisers independently identified Cleveland/Startup Consultants... not IRL Technet.

No settlement with TravelFleaMarket.com Inc. (owned by Robert Phillips of Oceanside, NY) – another named defendant – who, with these spams, violated a previous consent decree not to send me unlawful spam.  Default judgment entered for $15K).

DSG Direct et al.
DSG Direct Inc. of Bonita Springs, FL appears to have been created from the old Evo Clix Inc. and Your-Info Inc., both also in Florida – big shock there.  I unsubscribed five times from Evo Clix, back when I naively thought that might actually work to stop the spam.  (To be precise, I unsubscribed via email, weblink, and certified letters to Evo Clix and its registered agent.)  Judgment entered for Plaintiff in 2008.  I seized 1% of the judgment by levying on AmEx payments, and then the companies shut down.  I filed a motion to amend the judgment in 2009, but lost.  And then I filed an appeal.  See TropicInks, above.



TLM Enterprises Group
This "resume spammer" is off the charts in terms of deceptive means of evading spam filters.  At the time of filing, there were 65 spams... sent from 26 unique domain names, 37 unique email addresses, 20 unique IP addresses indicating origination in 8 different states, and 11 different ISPs.  A few more spams since filing too.  Various other types of falsity in the email bodies, and most don't include a physical mailing address as required by CAN-SPAM either.  Defendants ignored several letters, so we're in court.  Judgment entered for Plaintiff.



Click here to read the complaint as filed.  Settled this one.



Glen Hannifin and Usavedepot
My attorneys got involved in this Superior Court case.  Hannifin denies all liability but he never filed any papers with the Court. Not one. Even after the Sheriff showed up at his door with an original, and then an amended complaint. Default judgment of $18,000 in March, 2004.  But Hannifin actually has far more serious problems than my judgment; Microsoft sued him for $7.4 million



Prospect Data Corp. and Permission Communications Inc. (FL)
This was another Superior Court case.  We settled out-of-court in March 2003.  No more spam since the settlement.



Toplander Corp. and YesMail (IL)
This was my first attempt at writing a complaint for Superior Court.  It wasn't particularly well-written, but the spammers in Illinois didn't want to litigate in California, so we settled out-of-court in October 2002.  No more spam since the settlement. 



Unknown Spammer dba "Jambo Jack"
This spammer sent dozens of spams from dozens of domain names, all of which were falsely registered.  NameCheap.com is the reseller for the registrar Enom.com.  NameCheap finally, after threats of legal action, removed the Whoisguard privacy protection, but that's not quite the same thing as identifying its licensee (the actual spammer), which it is required to do pursuant to the ICANN-Registrar Accreditation Agreement, paragraph, otherwise it accepts all liability.  So, it looks like NameCheap will be sued, along with "Jambo Jack" as a Doe defendant, and all of the advertisers:
     NameCheap.com, hiding its real address via a box at The UPS Store in Westchester, CA, and its rude owner Richard Kirkendall
     AER Investments Corporation dba SurveyRewardsCenter.com of Boca Raton, FL and its owner, Warren Rustin
     ConsumerBargainGiveaways LLC dba OpinionResearchPanel.com of Evanston, Illinois and its principal Jeff Zweben
     Find Your Customers Inc. dba Secure-Cash.net of Austin, TX and Carlsbad, CA
     Focus Interactive Inc. dba Iwon.com of White Plans, NY
     Global Travel International Inc. dba GlobalTravel.com of Maitland, FL
     Insweb Corp. and Insweb Insurance Services Inc. dba Insweb.com of Gold River, CA
     TrueBeginnings LLC dba True.com of Irving, TX
     WomensCashAlliance.com of Burlington, VT

Unnamed Illinois Spammer
I filed two lawsuits against this spammer, which shall not be named here.  The spammer tried to hide its identity by registering its domain names with private WhoIs services - which is itself a violation of federal law, 18 USC ง 1037(a)(4), but I got 'em. Some of thispam, include:
     123td.com LLC dba Pronto Mortgage Express of Westminster, CA
     Achieve Wellness LLC
of Atlanta, GA
     Affinity Direct LLC
of Englewood Cliffs, NJ
     Alliance Acquisitions Associates Inc. of Marietta, GA
     America's Who's Who Registries of Outstanding Professionals LLC (also dba Prestige Who's Who Registries) of Patchogue, NY
     American Medical Services / American Health Services of Clearwater, FL
     ASH Books and Sean C. Hanzelik of Harrison, TN
     Betco Enterprises Inc.
of New York, NY and Booth International LLC of Spring Valley, NY
     Cash Cow Enterprises LLC of Mauldin, SC
     Certified Auto Alliance of Fremont, CA and Michael Burkey
     Colorado Baking Company Inc. of West Chicago, IL - Default Judgment Entered
     "Direct Investors" of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
     Emergency Internet Solutions
of Houston, TX
     E.T. Communications of Newark, OH
     Famous Idols Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
     Financial Debt Solutions LLC of Clearwater, FL
     Global Icon Inc. dba InStyleSwimwear.com of Richboro, PA
     Gyrocom Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL
     Hold-It Systems Ltd of Lima, OH
     Intelligent Resources Corp., Intelligent Resources Consulting and Bruce J. Frisch of Santa Cruz, CA
     Lead Capture Pros Inc. of Canton, OH
     Lesko Enterprises Inc. of Albion, PA
     Liquidity International Inc. dba Global Gold of Carrollton, TX
     The Livingstone Corporation of Wheaton, IL
     Marblestone Funding Inc. of Fremont, CA
- Default Judgment Entered
     Charles C. McGowen dba LifeSpaceMatters.com of Lighthouse Point, FL
- Default Judgment Entered
     Melaleuca Inc. of Idaho Falls, ID and Jack Burney of Georgetown, TX
     MyLostPet.net of Berlin, CT
     National Communications Group LLC of Weston, FL
     Charles O. Nwarueze dba FleetPrize.com and Benchmark Mortgage Capital of Fontana, CA
     Personal Tax Services Inc. dba RedTaxFrog.com of Calhoun, GA
     Puig Development Corporation / Venetia Country Club of Largo, FL
- Default Judgment Entered
     Remark International LTD of Wheeling, IL
     Resorts Unlimited Inc. of North Salt Lake, UT and Perforum Marketing of Orem, UT
     Riptopia Inc. of Washington, DC
     Rush Gideon LLC of Des Moines, IA
     "Savvy Investor"/"Stock Wire" of Santa Monica, CA
     Secure Call Management Inc. of Los Angeles, CA
- Default Judgment Entered
     Sheridan Distributing Inc. dba fitandfiddle.com of Williamsville, NY
     Stone International LLC dba Nextou.com of Columbia, SC
     Tamara Dorris dba MillionDollarAgent.org of Carmichael, CA
     Tiferet Journal and Baier Stein Direct of Peapack, NJ and Miriam's Well Inc. of Saugerties, NY
     Vision Marketing dba TheMoneyDoctorSystem.com of Orange, Florida and Anthony Lee dba alcashplus.com, an individual in Kinston, NC
     WM Inc. of Los Angeles, CA
     YourDoormat.com of Richmond, VA


  • 3B Software Inc. dba dtv4pc.net of Arlington, TX

  • 8th Floor Interactive LLC dba NewOffersClub.com of Lewis, DE

  • Accredited Debt Relief LLC of San Diego, CA

  • All Web Leads Inc. dba MyInsuranceQuoteFinder.com and Vision-Insurance.org of Austin, TX

  • Daniel L. Allen dba ClickVerse.com of North Hollywood, CA

  • Alliance Advance Corp. dba "Mt. Courtney Financial" and "Monde Financial" of Wyoming, DE, Visions Marketing Network LLC of Palm Beach Gardens, FL and its California spamming services, Uptilt Inc. (dba EmailLabs) of Menlo Park, CA and Excedior Inc. (dba ResultsMail) of Santa Ana, CA

  • Auctiva Corporation of Chico, CA

  • Axis Interactive Media Inc. of Hollywood, FL... also claiming addresses in Hialeah and Loxahatchee, FL

  • Badass Ventures Inc. dba TheTaoOfBadass.com of San Carlos, CA

  • "Judge" Doug Bench dba The Brain Training Academy and BrainApples.com of McIntosh, FL.  Some sort of "improve your brain" thing.  But before you buy in because a "Judge" must be intelligent and trustworthy, consider that Doug Bench is NOT a judge; in fact, he is not even a lawyer.  Bench was disbarred in Ohio in 1994 for felony grand theft, felony forgery, moral turpitude, intentionally damaging clients, knowingly using false evidence and making false statements, misappropriating client funds, etc.  Dayton Bar Association v. Bench, 71 Ohio St. 3d 202 (Ohio 1994).

  • Bisk Education Inc. dba FloridaTechOnline.com of Tampa, FL

  • Blastoff Communications LLC dba BlastoffNetwork.com of Plano, TX

  • BlueHornet of San Diego, CA (part of Digital River of Eden Prairie, MN), who sent a spam under the direction of Keith Glantz dba InsidersPicks.net of Las Vegas, NV and The Insiders Group Inc. of Dundalk, MD

  • Bosley Inc., Bosley Medical Group, Bosley Medical Institute, and/or Bosley Hair Restoration of Beverly Hills, CA

  • Capsoft Inc. dba MyCapsoft.com of Houston, TX (retailer of "ErrorSmart" software)

  • Caribbean Cruise Line dba caribbeancl.com of Pompano Beach, FL and John Damico dba got2getaway2010.com of Osteen, FL

  • CheckPeople LLC of Palo Alto, CA

  • Clickspeed Marketing Inc. dba emergencybucks.com of Overland Park, KS

  • Complete Web Services Inc. dba WebHostingPad.com dba TheRevilo.com of Rolling Meadows IL (a domain registrar advertising its own registration services)

  • Contact Media Group LLC dba NationalMatrix.com of Rawlings, WY

  • Debt to Wealth LLC (formerly Cummata Debt to Wealth LLC) of Cheyenne, WY

  • Digital Media Solutions LLC, One on One Marketing LLC, and One on One Marketing Holdings LLC all dba Classes And Careers of Clearwater, FL and Lehi, UT

  • DP Enterprises Inc. dba DishPronto.com of New York, NY

  • "Effective Marketing" supposedly in New Zealand and Canada.  Principals include:
         Achieve Financial Security LLC of Jacksonville, FL
         DentalPlans.com of Dania, FL

  • Envoy Media Group Inc. dba DebtReliefCenter.org of Tarzana, CA... which claims in its media policy that it does its own internal marketing and doesn't use affiliates... a complete falsehood.

  • eRefinanceFinders.com of Simi Valley, CA

  • E-Track Media Corporation and Chris Mahle of Boca Raton, FL.  Principals include:
         Granite Investment Group LLC of Bedford, TX
         HDVE LLC dba True.com of Irving, TX
         Way Beyond Communications LLC of Boca Raton, FL

  • Evan-Allen Services and Rob Goodstein of Concord, CA... spamming to email addresses scraped from the Bar Association of San Francisco website.

  • EverFocus Electronics Corp. of Duarte, CA

  • FreeCollegeScholarships.net of San Francisco, CA

  • Futuredontics Inc. dba 1-800-DENTIST of Los Angeles, CA

  • Geary Group and Geary Interactive dba CollegeUSA.org of San Diego and San Francisco, CA

  • Gilbert Consulting Services Inc. of Arroyo Grande, CA

  • Ryan Gillies of Phoenix, AZ

  • HonestDogSports.com of Debary, FL

  • Roger Hoover dba 17FoodsThatHeal.com of Kirbyville, MO

  • iDrive Interactive of Camp Hill, PA

  • Eric Lee of Mountain View, CA, who sent a phishing spam pretending to be American Airlines

  • Lexington Law of North Salt Lake, Utah

  • Lighthouse Christian Channel Inc. dba couponfor.org of Laguna Niguel, CA, and since its corporate status has been suspended, its President Caesar Elmi too

  • LimosBusesJets.com LLC and Leonard Okoth of Mays Landing, NJ

  • Liquid Marketing Inc. and Lead Jungle Inc. of Boca Raton, FL

  • Liquid Ventures LLC dba Hookup.com of Boulder, CO

  • LiveOps Inc. dba TryThirtySecondSmile.com of Santa Clara, CA, and its nonexistent partner falsely claiming to be "Keniks LLC"

  • Lockerz LLC dba lockerz.com, a Delaware limited liability company

  • Chris Luckie dba Itechfeed.com of Ravenna, OH

  • Macronet International LLC of Buffalo, WY.  Ironically, the spams I received advertised Macronet's software to send email to opt-in addresses.

  • Magic Marketing Group LLC of Carson City, NV

  • Mari Media Inc. and Kirk Leddon of Hialeah, FL

  • Tony Mathews dba ISG Handicappers and Insiders Sports Group of Las Vegas, NV

  • Memolink, Inc. of Lakewood, CO and David Asseoff (note, Asseoff is also behind Trifecta Inc., who I already sued)

  • MikeFilsaime.com Inc. dba MyViralAds.com of Ronkonkoma, NY

  • NameCheap Inc. dba funtimeadlt.com of Westchester, CA

  • OperationalSystemsPages.com, Online-OperationalSystems.com, OperationalSystems-Online.com, OperationalSystemsHome.com, etc. of New York, NY

  • Neohire.com of Santa Monica, CA

  • Pivot Networks dba PivotNetworks.com of Austin, TX

  • Christopher Post of Setauket, NY, who sent spams from Gmail, linking to domain names watchsunsets.info and intriguedlove.com, both of which were registered to a fake name/address, but the ad network through which he sent the spams gave him up.

  • Premier Care in Bathing dba PremierCareBathing.com of South Daytona, FL

  • Rapid Funds (a division of Modesco LLC) dba RapidFunds.com and Jim Pacelli of Cumming, GA

  • Rapid Response Marketing dba x7.com of Las Vegas, NV and its advertisers:
         BullsEye Media Inc. dba ThePrizeCenter.com of Harrisburg, PA
         MySnoringSolution.com of Lillian, AL
         SmartNet Development LLC dba FastBusinessFunding.net of St. George, UT

  • Real Bright Media Inc. dba CaptiolCashLoan.com of San Francisco, CA

  • RebateProcessorJobs.com and Cindy Dalton of Colton, CA – which is a complete scam anyway, according to the L.A. County Better Business Bureau

  • RelationServe Media Inc. dba "Telespace" of Fort Lauderdale, FL and its principals:
         K2 Marketing Group Inc.
    of Pasadena, CA

  • Remedy Media LLC dba MediaGroup of Irvine, CA and The Data Market Place Corp. and Peter Roccisano (doing business as Professional Internet Marketing Solutions of Weston, FL.  Principals include:
         Golf Nutrition Sciences Inc. dba GNS
    of Arvada, CO
         Memolink Inc.
    of Lakewood, CO and David Asseoff (note, Asseoff is also behind Trifecta Inc., who I already sued)
         The New York Times Company
    of New York, NY
         Rochelle Gordon, purported psychic,
    of Milford, CT

  • RightInsurance.org (not a real company) of Laguna Beach, CA, owned by Jim Hobbs of Denver, CO

  • Rockstar Marketing Inc. dba TodaysPicks.net of Orlando, FL

  • S-Infotech Inc. dba RealOffers and Richard Simnett of Boca Raton, FL.  Principals include:
         26RedMarketing LLC of Provo, UT
         Eleventh Street Ventures Inc. and Jason Phillips dba Trade-In-Value.com of Newport Beach, CA
         ESI One LLC of Las Vegas, NV and ESI Management LLC of Sandy, UT
         PlatinumRomance.com of Plano, TX

  • Rick Saling dba AdventSearch.com of Cincinnati, OH

  • SLJ Group Inc. dba Universal Star Council of Lake Forest, IL

  • Small Cap Investor of Delray Beach, FL

  • Social Concepts Inc. and/or its subsidiary Fubar Inc. dba Fubar.com of Redwood City, CA.  (One client has a small claims judgment in his favor.)

  • Stress-Free Technologies LLC dba LowStressIncome.com of Queen City, AZ

  • "Suvrath LLC" dba 50states-auto-warranty.info and paydayloancare.info of Santa Clarita, California – no such company (and a separate violation of B&P Code ง 17910.5(b) to claim you're an LLC when you're not), so liability on Deebo Manning and Vishal Shah personally

  • Greg Thompson dba Coach-Thompsons-International-Club.com of Willoughby, OH

  • Daniel Todd dba LawFirmSites.com of American Fork, UT

  • Various Inc. dba Horny-Hookups.net of Sunnyvale, CA, and its affiliate Sharon K. Gray, acting through various companies 3V Connections LLC, Heart Multimedia LLC, Javelin Direct Marketing LLC, King Plus Solutions LLC, Pink Reef Media LLC, and Uphill Revenue LLC.

  • Walla Media, a dba of Revenue Media Empire Inc. of Santa Monica, CA

  • Bill Warren of Lake Balboa, CA dba AListCoverage.com and CarWarrantyNow.com, and AKMG, an ad network in El Segundo, CA

  • Wayne Jackson Enterprises LLC dba OcalaSuccess.net of Ocala, FL

  • Wellpoint Inc. dba Anthem Blue Cross of California of Indianapolis, IN and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association of Chicago, IL

  • What If Holdings LLC dba SweetestKids.com of Tenafly, NJ

  • Woodcrest College of Woodcrest, CA and Monterey Polytechnic Institute of Monterey, CA, the registrant of the domain name WoodcrestCollege.org.  Woodcrest College sent spams to three of my email addresses, indicating that they're spamming to a suppression list.  But, "Woodcrest College" is a total scam to begin with.  The entire "degree based on life experience" a joke – the "exam" is sub-SAT verbal questions.  More seriously, the address claimed on the website – 17457 Van Buren Blvd. in Woodcrest, CA – literally doesn't exist.  I know because I personally did a drive-by on July 8, 2010.

  • Spammer Who Shall Not Be Named.  Principals include:
         Buena Vista Catalog Co. and Disney Enterprises Inc. dba DisneyMovieClub.com of Burbank, CA
         Corinthian Colleges Inc.
    of Santa Ana, CA
         DoubleDay Entertainment dba Book-of-the-Month Club and OneSpirit.com
    of Garden City, NY
         Eleventh Street Ventures Inc. dba Trade-In-Value.com
    of Newport Beach, CA
         Internet Cash Advance Marketing Inc. dba PayDayAngels.com and FirstLibertyCash.com
    of Vancouver, BC Canada
         QuickApply Inc.
    of Venice, CA
         Ultima Patch LLC
    of San Diego, CA
         Watermark Media Group Inc. dba Poetry.com
    of Owings Mills, MD


I am represented by Timothy Walton, a California attorney (in Aptos) with extensive experience in the spam and technology areas, who shares my passion for fighting spam.  www.timothywalton.com

ฉ 2002-present, Daniel Balsam