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The links below will guide you to the Corporations pages on the Secretary of State websites.  For the spammers registered in the U.S., I do pretty well finding the spammers here.  Especially those in Florida.  Most states enable free searches, but a few charge.

  Alabama Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania
  Alaska Illinois Montana Rhode Island
  Arizona Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
  Arkansas Iowa Nevada South Dakota
  California Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
  Colorado Kentucky New Jersey Texas SOS
  Connecticut Louisiana New Mexico Texas Comptroller 2
  Delaware Maine New York Utah
  District of Columbia Maryland North Carolina Vermont
  Florida Massachusetts North Dakota Virginia
  Florida Fict. Bus. Name 1 Michigan Ohio Washington
  Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia
  Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wisconsin
 Canada (all provinces)      

The website lets you search all the states at once, but then charges you to see the information.  So, if you don't know where a company is incorporated, you could start here, and then go directly to that state’s
SOS website to get the information for free (in most cases).

Since so many spammers are in Florida, I decided the Fictitious Business Name link was worthy of appearing on this list.
2 Texas SOS is more complete but charges $1 per search; Texas Comptroller only has current companies but it's free.

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